Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Although the use of medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2011, since recreational marijuana became legal as of Oct. 17, 2018 the perception of people towards weed consumption has started to change drastically.

What this means for cannabis dispensaries and other cannabis related businesses is that since marijuana became more accessible to a whole new and different audience, the portrait of the typical, recreational marijuana user has changed.

This gives business owners and managers a chance to get to know their target audiences better in order to gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of their competition.

How to Provide a Better Customer Experience

By better understanding your customers’ needs, you can provide a better customer experience and increase customer loyalty. In order to do that, you need to get to know your customers, so that you can connect with them better and ensure their satisfaction with your products, and your brand in general.

In so many industries customer profiling is a key practice and the cornerstone of marketing and product development.

That hasn’t really been the case in the cannabis industry so far. There are so many false assumptions that are made without conducting previous research, which can be very dangerous to any business, because it can lead to a poorly targeted marketing strategy and products that are not aligned with the needs of the average marijuana customer.

All of this basically translates into lower customer satisfaction and ultimately lower sales for dispensaries and smoke shops.

So, let’s have a look at who the average marijuana customer is, after the legalization of cannabis so that you can target the right audience and ensure their satisfaction.

Identifying the Average Cannabis Customer

Although customers range all the way from 18 to 95, over half of the loyal and regular cannabis customers have been found to be under 40. The data also suggests that 70% of the regular cannabis consumers are male.

Even though marijuana pop culture so far was centered around the young male smoker, after its legalization, cannabis became more and more appealing to people from all ages, sexes, genders and diverse backgrounds.

Once some of the stigma around cannabis use and its medical properties was lifted, the herb became appealing to a lot of new groups of people.

Now, other than the young male smokers, we have a lot of new personas that smoke shops and dispensaries can target, each with their own personal quirks.

For example, compared to men who prefer concentrates, women prefer edibles and pre-rolled joints. Older consumers, on the other hand prefer edibles to pre-rolls.

If you’re interested in finding out more details about who buys weed, what their spending habits are, as well as their preferred cannabis products, check out this report on the average cannabis customer.

How Much Does the Average Customer Spend?

According to a recent cannabis report, the average customer makes a purchase 3.1 times a month, which is just a little bit shy of once every week or a week and a half. What this shows us is that loyal customers are extremely valuable, because if you manage to get their loyalty, they’ll come back for more purchases again and again.

The average spending per month, per customer is $98.88, which means that every year an average dispensary customer spends close to $1,200 in their dispensary of choice.

It’s no secret that today people are buying cannabis at unprecedented rates, so in order to gain your customers’ loyalty and improve their customer experience, therefore increasing your sales, you need to tweak the offerings in your dispensary, as well as your marketing strategies, to match the true marijuana customer today.

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