Crativ Container – Slim Black

The CRATIV Containers are certified child-resistant made of food grade polypropylene and are 100% recyclable.


  • Vape Cartridges
  • Mini – Pre Rolled Joints
  • Small edibles (Candy, Chocolate bars)
  • Concentrates


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The CRATIV Containers are made of food grade polypropylene, being recyclable and reusable. So they are light-weight and stackable, making them easier to transport and merchandise. They are environmentally conscious and child safe to meet the necessary laws and regulations.

Use CRATIV Slim for:

  • Cannabis Storage
  • Pre Rolled Joints
  • Vape kits (cartridge, battery, charger)
  • Concentrates
  • Cannabis Infused Edibles

The child locking mechanism requires you to squeeze the sides while depressing the front tab, making it easy enough for adults while safeguarding your products from the youngsters

Crativ Container – Slim 3.75×2.5×0.50”