Custom Design and Branding

custom design mylar bag and branding

Custom Medical Dispensary Packaging Design Services

Looking for mylar bags, box packaging for specific cannabis products? This is an opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd and create your own brand and identity, let our design team at ND Supplies help you with your custom design packaging needs!

ND Supplies, the largest dispensary wholesaler in Canada, we strive to provide the most unique and innovative dispensary packaging that the market demands. Our creative process start with restless communications with clients and the creative team. We understand product packaging must create value in the modern world of retails: brand image, product presentation, market evaluation, production budget and project deadlines are all closely and carefully monitored by our professional team.

Custom Design Services Includes:

  1. Company Brand Logo
  2. Product Brand Logo
  3. Mylar Bag Packaging
  4. Branding Rollies Packaging
  5. Branding Vaporizer Packaging
  6. Branding Glass Jar Packaging
  7. Branding Conical Tubes Packaging
  8. Branding Pop Top Tubes Packaging
  9. Branding Dropper Bottle Packaging
  10. Branding Cannabis Packaging
  11. Branding Bongs Packaging
  12. Branding Shatter Packaging
  13. Branding Concentrate Packaging
  14. Branding Oil Cartridge Packaging
  15. Branding Terpenes Packaging
  16. Branding Grinders Packaging
  17. Branding FEP Non Stick Sheet Packaging and Branding

Our custom design service fees is charged by C$60.00 per hour. We offer a very market competitive pricing so you do not need to worry about overcharges and focus on perfecting each and every design.