Cannabis Legalisation in Canada Long-Term Effect on the Job Market

Since cannabis became legal for recreational use across the country last year, many are becoming increasingly interested in the financial and social changes it will bring about, what this will mean for the economy and most importantly what kind of changes and opportunities they should expect to see when it comes to the job market.

Let’s have a look at what kind of new jobs, opportunities, and changes in the economy cannabis legalization will open doors to, and how it will help fight unemployment as well as create new roles that were not available before.

What’s The Impact That Cannabis Will Have on the Economy?

Cannabis legalization has created a whole new industry. Although there are still a few uncertainties present when it comes to the cannabis business and the effects it will have on the economy, one thing’s certain: the marijuana industry will bring a lot of changes and create a lot of employment opportunities in all provinces.

Legalized cannabis will certainly have a big impact on Canada’s politics and economy, although we cannot yet know for sure just how much this change is going to contribute to these sectors.

Here are some ways in which the marijuana industry will contribute to the economy:

  • Money previously spent on stopping and controlling the use and sales of illegal drugs can now be used for other needs
  • There will be an increase of cannabis-related job openings
  • The federal legalization of cannabis will position Canada as a global leader in the industry
  • It will provide numerous economic opportunities for Canadian firms and businessmen
  • There will be many long-term economic development opportunities
  • There will be a boost in local economies

How Will Cannabis Legalisation Impact the Job Market?

Now that you probably have a better sense of the effects that the cannabis industry will have on Canada’s economy let’s have a look at what kind of new roles and job opportunities people can expect and aim for in 2019.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the impact of the cannabis industry on the job market, the jobs available and the skills or training required to be hired for such positions:

What kind of jobs are expected to be available?

–          With the legalization of recreational cannabis, we can expect to get a surge in job openings in the industry. Here are some of the job openings employers are trying to fill: growers, cultivators, quality assurance, post-production, ‘budtenders’ for retail shops, marketing, and sales specialists as well as numerous other more traditional positions such as front desk receptionists, warehouse workers and office administrators.

What kind of training /skills/professional qualities will people need to have to be employed in the new wave of canna jobs and succeed in their position?

–          The training and skills that will be required depend mainly on the position in question. Some of the positions require employees with consumer brand marketing experience; some require candidates with experience in growing and cultivation, while there are many that require no more than a high school degree. Such jobs include: warehouse associates, receptionists and so on. There are many new job listings posted every day, which means that there are job opportunities for anyone who wants to join some of the fastest-growing companies in the business. 

Are there programs supported by provincial governments?

–          So far, six provinces have offered incentives to cannabis-related businesses and are looking at the cannabis industry as an important part of their economy. Here’s a list of all the provinces along with the cannabis-related college programs that they offer.

How will those jobs differ from the ones that existed before legalization in the same field?

–          Although there were cannabis related jobs before legalization, the amount of job openings has increased drastically since last year, and will continue to rise. There are also many more opportunities and different jobs that weren’t available prior to legalization as there was no need for them.

Which Job Sites are already providing cannabis related postings?

  You can also check out some of the cannabis jobs in Richmond  that we currently have here at ND Supplies. As the cannabis industry grows, so does our team!

–          . Alternatively, you can check on online employment websites, such as indeed, or see if your local dispensaries or online smoke shops have any job listings of their own and apply directly for the position you’re interested in.

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