Like all organic matter, exposure to temperature, air, moisture, and humidity can affect the product and change its structure over time. This can affect the smell, flavor, potency, and texture of the cannabis, which is why proper storage is very important when it comes to preserving those qualities.

Although having branded packaging is an important factor in any cannabis business, proper packaging and storage methods might play an even bigger role when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction.

In today’s article, we’ll try to illustrate the difference between each storage container, as well as their pros and cons, in order to help you make the right choice when it comes to keeping your products fresh and in pristine condition.

Types of Containers

Taking good care of your cannabis products will ensure they have a long and healthy shelf life. Here are some of the most common options used to store cannabis, their properties, including durability, quality, affordability as well as their effects on the herb in order to help users identify what better suits their needs.

1.       Mason and Preserving Jars

Mason and preserving glass jars are a good and inexpensive option when it comes to cannabis storage. They are airtight, non-static surface containers. They will keep most of the air out, and the outside contaminants at bay. The important thing when it comes to using mason and preserving jars for storage is that you need to keep them out of sunlight, in a dark and cool place in order to preserve the quality of the smoke for a longer period of time.

2.       Vacuum Seal Bags

There are two options when it comes to vacuum seal bags: the type used for storing food, and the ones that are used for storing clothes. The pros of using such storage methods are the fact that they are airtight, preserve the aroma and flavor of the bud, and are suitable for long-term use.

On the other hand, they do compress the product a lot and can damage some of its structure, affecting the quality of the herb.

3.       Vacuum Sealed Storage

An even better alternative to the vacuum seal bags and the mason jars are the vacuum sealed storage containers, as they push all the air out, creating a vacuum seal, and help keep the product fresh 3 times as long as other common types of storage. They are airtight and are designed for long-term use.

They are more expensive than the other methods we mentioned, but they are very durable, easy to use and great at preserving the potency, texture, aroma, and flavor of the herb. They do not compress the herb, which means they do not affect its quality.

4.       Plastic

Although plastic also has its purpose when it comes to cannabis storage, its purpose is mostly temporary and its most appropriate use would be as on-the-go storage.

Flip top containers, conical tubes or other plastic containers may be an improvement to the plastic bag and are an affordable option, but they are nowhere close to ideal. There’s little protection from light, heat, and air, as most of these containers are not airtight.

Important Considerations

In order to properly store your product and preserve its quality, you’ll need to consider all your available options as well as their quality, durability, and affordability. You need to make sure you keep your cannabis out of direct sunlight, out of the fridge, and stored in a cool and dry place if you want to preserve all of its properties.

Taking these precautions will help prevent cannabinoids and terpenes from drying up, degrading and changing their molecular structure.

Under proper storage conditions you have at least a year before you have to worry about degradation, that’s why it’s important to choose the right types of containers for all your cannabis products which will ensure customer satisfaction and will help you increase your sales.