Child-proof containers or child-resistant packaging are commonly used for prescription drugs, over the counter medications, pesticides or for household chemicals, where there is significant risk of illness or death from ingestion.

Normally this is accomplished by the use of a special safety cap, invented in 1967 by Dr. Henry Breault. If you have opened a pill bottle after that, chances are you have come across a push and twist caps.

This very consistent concept did not change for decades. But now, after recreational Cannabis legalization, industry professionals and designers are reinventing safety containers.

Compliance and Creativity

The focus of every Cannabis producer, dispensary or smoke shop owner should be on compliance with the regulations concerning child-resistant packaging.

Legalization has attracted close attention to Cannabis products and brands. So, it’s important to show credibility and be associated with legal and safe consumption.

Because there are so many legal requirements, businesses must be able to adapt to them, especially those about children’s safety. Cannabis products must be contained in childproof bags or pouches. Bottles and vials are also largely used for medical cannabis, but new packaging solutions have emerged.

Now it’s possible to choose from a variety of child-proof reversible medical bottles, reversible cap vials, jars with safety lock mechanisms, zipper bags, vacuum and Mylar bags or envelopes, all of them designed to meet the regulatory demands. Think of them as an evolution of the plastic sandwich Ziploc bag. They are safer, more attractive and lend legitimacy to your product and your brand.

Accessible and Safe

Apart from recreational use, medicinal cannabis has expanded to a variety of products such as edibles, topical and concentrates that urged designers to create specific packaging for marijuana.

Closer attention should be placed on cannabis-infused edibles, because they are appealing to children and can be easily confused with candy. Since they come in the form of candy or chocolate, they are fairly easy for a child to ingest.

Child-resistant containers and warning labels for medical Cannabis may help prevent accidental ingestion and the risk of poisoning.

Compliance and Information

It’s not an easy task to create new and exciting packaging designs in the face of so many regulatory constraints. The challenge posed is how to do it without sacrificing style. Packaging is a crucial part of branding and can make a dramatic difference when communicating with your customers.

With so much competition, just meeting regulatory standards may not be enough. You’ll need well designed containers to stand out from the crowd, but don’t forget to include information about potential risks and hazards.

Credibility is the key, so take the necessary steps to demonstrate your commitment to safety. Working with a supplier that understands the regulations and are evolving along with the market can save you costly mistakes.

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