1. Cannabis Legalisation in Canada Long-Term Effect on the Job Market

    Since cannabis became legal for recreational use across the country last year, many are becoming increasingly interested in the financial and social changes it will bring about, what this will mean for the economy and most importantly what kind of changes and opportunities they should expect to see when it comes to the job market.

    Let’s have a look at what kind of new jobs, opportunities, and changes in the economy cannabis legalization will open doors to, and how it will help fight unemployment as well as create new roles that were not available before.

    What’s The Impact That Cannabis Will Have on the Economy?

    Cannabis legalization has created a whole new industry. Although there are still a few uncertainties present when it comes to the cannabis business and the effects it will have on the economy, one thing’s certain: the marijuana industry will bring a lot of changes and create a lot of employment opportunities in all provi

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  2. British Columbia finalizes their rules on possession, sale and use of medical cannabis

    The rules are set for cannabis in BC. Find in this article the age, possession, smoking in public, where to buy, markup and taxes applied to marijuana.
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