Dispensary Packaging

  1. How Container Type Affects Cannabis Quality

    Like all organic matter, exposure to temperature, air, moisture, and humidity can affect the product and change its structure over time. This can affect the smell, flavor, potency, and texture of the cannabis, which is why proper storage is very important when it comes to preserving those qualities.

    Although having branded packaging is an important factor in any cannabis business, proper packaging and storage methods might play an even bigger role when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction.

    In today’s article, we’ll try to illustrate the difference between each storage container, as well as their pros and cons, in order to help you make the right choice when it comes to keeping your products fresh and in pristine condition.

    Types of Containers

    Taking good care of your cannabis products will ensure they have a long and healthy shelf life. Here are some of the most common options used to store cannabis, their properties, including durability, qua

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  2. Child-Proof Containers - Quality And Safety For Your Customers

    Child-proof containers or child-resistant packaging are commonly used for prescription drugs, over the counter medications, pesticides or for household chemicals, where there is significant risk of illness or death from ingestion.

    Normally this is accomplished by the use of a special safety cap, invented in 1967 by Dr. Henry Breault. If you have opened a pill bottle after that, chances are you have come across a push and twist caps.

    This very consistent concept did not change for decades. But now, after recreational Cannabis legalization, industry professionals and designers are reinventing safety containers.

    Compliance and Creativity

    The focus of every Cannabis producer, dispensary or smoke shop owner should be on compliance with the regulations concerning child-resistant packaging.

    Legalization has attracted close attention to Cannabis products and brands. So, it’s important to show credibility and be associated with legal and safe c

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  3. Marijuana Packaging, the best options for selling Cannabis Oil

    As a dispensary owner / manager, or someone who’s planning on setting up a cannabis-based business, you’re probably looking for new ideas that will make your products really stand out in order to attract more customers and increase your earnings. In order to achieve those goals you’re going to need great packaging.

    In this article we will talk about the best packaging options for cannabis oils and its variations.

    With the broader legalization of cannabis throughout the world, the necessity for product-appropriate packaging was born.

    After you as a producer has put hours and hours into growing, preparing and extracting the best products available for your clients, the most important thing left to do is focus on the right packaging for your products, particularly when it comes to cannabis oils and its variations.

    Here are some of the important things to have in mind when deciding the best packaging option for your brand or business.

    What to Consi

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  4. How Branded Packaging Can Help Your Dispensary

    As a dispensary owner or manager you are constantly searching for new ways to expand and improve your business. The most important part of any business is developing a branding strategy, which is based on your idea for your brand, your budget as well as your target audience. This will help you get a clearer picture of the right cannabis packaging idea for your business. Having branded packaging that really stands out includes a whole retail and packaging strategy that’s more than just adding your logo to your products. Branding is not just custom packaging. There is a whole strategy behind the whole process.
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