1. DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer Extended Review

    In today’s article we’ll provide a detailed overview of the DaVinci Miqro vaporizer, including its strong and weak sides, and all the details you need to know about the vape before you make your purchase.

    About the DaVinci Miqro

    The DaVinci Miqro vaporizer is a small, ultraportable conduction vaporizer for dry herb. It goes beyond a travel portable vape and it’s really not a lot bigger than a key fob.

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  2. 5+ Things You Need To Know For Safe Cannabis Vaping

    We all know by now that vaping is a far safer and better option than smoking.

    However, it’s hard not to pay attention to all the vaping accidents (like exploding batteries and easily overheated devices) that we read about in the news.

    The good news surrounding all this drama is that most of these accidents are due to user error and are easily preventable.

    So in order to ensure the safest vaping experience possible, we’ll need to go over a few basic safety tips and tricks to help you stay safe and enjoy your cannabis vaporizer to the fullest.

    What You Need To Know About Vaping Safety

    Before you start using your new vaporizer it’s important to educate yourself on the components and the equipment you are using to ensure that you’re using your vaporizer as safely as possible.

    If you follow our tips, we guarantee that your vaping experience will be as safe as it is enjoyable.

    Here are the top 5 basic tips you need to follow when it

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  3. Social Media for Cannabis: Tips and Tricks for Smoke Shop Success

    We all know that social media plays a huge role in any business in the digital age, which includes cannabis-related businesses as well. In order to successfully build a social media presence for your dispensary supplies business, cannabis accessories store, or smoke shop you’ll need to overcome a few roadblocks on the way and learn a few tips and tricks on how to become a successful cannabis entrepreneur. In order to become a successful cannabis entrepreneur you have to maintain good social media presence and following, so let’s dive straight into some of the most important techniques that you can use to do that, including some of the main challenges you may experience along the way.

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  4. Futurola KnockBox: How to Take Your Smoke Shop to the Next Level: The Ultimate Guide

    If you have a smoke shop or dispensary business, then you probably know by now how hard and time-consuming the process of filling cones by hand can be. If you want to save yourself a lot of time and work, one proven way to do so is by getting an automatic pre-rolled cones filling machine.

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  5. Investing in Cannabis Stock Market in 2019

    As investors rush to prepare for what’s to come in 2019, we take a closer look at the Canadian cannabis market to see what makes this market so promising and unique.

    We want to encourage people to educate themselves on the stock market as the cannabis stock market is a new untapped niche with a really promising future.

    There are lots of benefits of being a pioneer in the field, which is why in this article, we’d like to go over the opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs and give you insight into the cannabis stock market.

    Read on to see what you can expect in 2019.

    Why the Cannabis Market Is the Most Promising Stock Market

    According to the numbers, 2019 looks very promising and as edibles enter the market later this year, the sales will increase even more, enticing companies from across the country to invest in the cannabis business.

    Producers expect to see an increase in sales and a better establishment of the market, as more options app

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  6. Cannabis Legalisation in Canada Long-Term Effect on the Job Market

    Since cannabis became legal for recreational use across the country last year, many are becoming increasingly interested in the financial and social changes it will bring about, what this will mean for the economy and most importantly what kind of changes and opportunities they should expect to see when it comes to the job market.

    Let’s have a look at what kind of new jobs, opportunities, and changes in the economy cannabis legalization will open doors to, and how it will help fight unemployment as well as create new roles that were not available before.

    What’s The Impact That Cannabis Will Have on the Economy?

    Cannabis legalization has created a whole new industry. Although there are still a few uncertainties present when it comes to the cannabis business and the effects it will have on the economy, one thing’s certain: the marijuana industry will bring a lot of changes and create a lot of employment opportunities in all provi

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  7. Why One-Shot Dugouts are Becoming Popular Again?

    Although not everyone’s familiar with this quite underrated yet effective weed accessory that was once very commonly used for smoking cannabis as well as tobacco, it’s undeniable that the dugout is making a comeback and is becoming popular in the cannabis scene yet again.

    For those of you who are not familiar with the classic wooden one shot dugout, follow us as we take a look at an oldie but a goodie weed accessory and discuss what it is that made this product become popular again, along with its benefits in comparison to more modern utensils.

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  8. All You Need To Know About Using Marijuana as a Restaurant Ingredient

    Cannabis has been so popular since legalization that smoke shops regularly sell out. Still sales are expected to blow up once cannabis infused foods and drinks become legal which is expected to occur sometime next fall, late 2019.

    Although cannabis foods and beverages are still prohibited for sale, cooking with cannabis or using it with tea and coffee is nothing new. People have been using cannabis as a herb and have included it in the preparation of their meals as early as the 7th century B.C.E.

    We have certainly come a long way since the overly-potent, burnt tasting pot brownies and we have a long way to go, especially when it comes to the restaurant industry. Although more than half the country is for the legalization of the herb in some form, some are still concerned when it comes to the production and sales of marijuana edibles and other similar products which raise some concerns especially when it comes to the safety of the Canadian youth.

    Let’s have a l

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  9. How Will the Legalization of Vape Pens and Edibles Affect Canada?

    As vape pens, cannabis drinks and edibles continue to grow in popularity in the United States, Canadians are still awaiting the 2nd wave of legalized products to come, and with it bring the incredible edible and the convenient vape pens that Americans have been enjoying for quite some time now.

    And as we wait for the next wave of cannabis products to come to Canada’s smoke shops, let’s have a look at what makes these particular products so popular, and the effect they can have on the Canadian cannabis market once they become legal.

    Why are Vape Pens and Edibles so Popular?

    There are numerous reasons why vaping and consuming cannabis in edible form are increasingly popular among recreational and medical users.

    Let’s have a look at some of the pros of vape pens and what make them so popular.

    Vape pens are:

    • Super convenient and easy to use
    • Safer than smoking joints, blunt
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  10. Lift & Co. Cannabis Business Conference & Expo

    The date is nearly here! For those who might not know yet, we are attending the Lift Expo in Vancouver, Lift & Co. Cannabis business Conference & Expo: January 10-13, 2019. That’s right! That is this coming Friday, Saturday, Sunday! We will have a booth there with our staff eagerly see each and every one of you. Drop by and learn about our packaging products and services we can offer! We will also have a raffle draw for custom design service! Look for our giant screen at booth #1346 and come say hi! Don’t forget to follow us on social media if you can’t make the conference!

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