FEP Clear Squares 4×4″ Full Box – 1000/box

Step up your packaging game with these easy to use and super convenient solvent proof sheets Non stick and chemical proof, display your product with pride with these see-through sheets High quality materials, Best used in combination with our packaging!

Packaged in bundles of 250, in a full box of 1000.

Full Bundle Item Only.

In stock

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For quite some time now, the cannabis industry has been working on expanding the once small selection of dabs and cannabis extracts available on the market. Now, we have a big variety of concentrates to choose from and as the options increase each day, companies begin to look for new ways and methods to make and display them, making use of the best available options to them.

These 4 inch square FEP clear sheets are non-stick, terp proof, and silicone free. Concentrate producers are using FEP Sheets for concentrate packaging because, it can also handle strong solvents better than other concentrate packaging materials like parchment papers and also the FEP sheets are also completely transparent so you and your customers can see your product clearly.